• Applicant must be of legal age in the country or state of residence.
  • Applicant must not have a record of an adult felony conviction or its equivalent in a legal jurisdiction or a felony or equivalent criminal charge dismissed for cause from any Federal or State court or agency, or law enforcement agency of any jurisdiction.
  • Having met all other qualifications, no applicant will be denied membership because of sex, color, race, religion or ethnic origin.
  • Only individuals shall be eligible for membership. Membership may be transferable within a qualifying organization to another qualified individual.

Membership Eligibility in the IAFCI is divided into three Categories

  • Corporate Membership: Full time employees of financial institutions engaged in any of the following: Prevention, education, detection, analysis, investigation, apprehension, or prosecution of the financial transaction or cyber fraud offender.
  • Law enforcement Membership: Full time government law enforcement officer, prosecutor or other officials responsible for investigating, apprehending and prosecuting financial crimes offenders in their respective agencies.
  • Associate Membership: Part-Time Law Enforcement/Government Employee, Part-Time Private Sector Employee, Full-Time/Part-Time College/University Student, Full-Time/Part-Time College/University Faculty, Retired Law Enforcement

    Types of Membership

Regular "Corporate & Law Enforcement"

A person shall be eligible for Regular Membership only if the majority of his/her work is in the area of prevention, detection, investigation or prosecution of financial crimes or support thereof for the following qualifying entities:

1. A Financial institution engaged in any of the following: prevention, detection, analysis, investigation, apprehension, education about or prosecution of financial transaction fraud offenders.

2. Any subdivision of government: law enforcement officers, prosecutors or related public officials, who, within their agency or department, have the primary or secondary responsibility for the investigation, investigative training, prevention, analysis, apprehension and/or prosecution of financial or related crimes.

3. The financial membership associations: personnel responsible for financial transaction security, analysis and/or education, including, but not limited to, MasterCard International, Visa USA, or Bankers Associations.

4. Service providers, engaged in investigations, analysis, data security, physical security, training and education, risk management and fraud prevention, including, but not limited to, such providers as credit bureaus, card and check manufacturers, financial transaction processors, financial personalization systems manufacturers, mail courier services and communications systems and financial security consultant, an individual whose primary duties involve the support of our members in the prevention, detection and prosecution of financial fraud; who perform these services for companies engaged in activities described in the Bylaws and whose contributions are for the good of the Association, or

5. Financial Transaction Acceptors, including but not limited to hotels, car rental service companies, commercial airlines, or retail merchants, who supply goods or services and accept financial transactions using financial transaction devices other than cash or barter: personnel who assist directly in the investigation, detection, prevention, education and/or prosecution of financial transaction crimes.

6. Regular members may vote in any election and hold any elective or appointed office.

Associate Member

Member Sponsorship Form: Associate Applicant is sponsored by a Regular Member, Life Member or Retired Member of the IAFCI and is in good standing with the organization. The Sponsoring IAFCI member can verify the below requirements depending on the type of applicant. A person shall be eligible for Associate Membership only if that person satisfies all the General Qualifications for Membership. If not sponsored, the applicant must take the  the following actions. Click Here

1. Part-Time Law Enforcement/Government Employee. The Applicant is a part-time Law Enforcement employee and is involved in investigating Financial Fraud, financial crime, and/or cybercrimes investigations or provides material support to those investigations, but doesn’t qualify for Regular Membership because the individual doesn’t work full time or a majority of the individual’s work is not in this area of practice. 

2. Part-Time Private Sector Employee. The Applicant is employed on a part-time or independent contractor basis for one of the types of private sector companies/organizations/agencies that are permitted for Regular Membership as described in Section 1.05 of the (e.g., part-time, or contract Financial Analyst, Fraud Examiner, Forensic Fraud Examiner, Fraud or Financial Crime Consultant).

3. Full-Time/Part-Time College/University Student. The Applicant is a full time or part-time College or University student (minimum of two classes per semester) and is studying for an undergraduate, graduate or doctorates' degree in criminal justice, criminal law, law, accounting or similar or related program at the College/University as determined by IAFCI. Students must provide a copy of their valid student ID and a letter from the school attesting that the student is enrolled.

4. Full-Time/Part-Time College/University Faculty. The Applicant is a current faculty member (full-time, part-time, adjunct) at a recognized College/University and is instructing in a field related to Financial Fraud, including without limitation, criminal justice, criminal law, pre-law, law, and/or accounting or similarly named program at the College/University as determined by IAFCI.

5. Retired Law Enforcement. The Applicant (i) was previously employed by a Law Enforcement agency but did not have primary or secondary responsibility for the investigation, investigative training, prevention, analysis, apprehension and/or prosecution of financial or related crimes, (ii) and was not a current or former member of the IAFCI prior to retirement, has retired in good standing and (iii) is seeking opportunities and/or certification in the field of Financial Fraud, financial crime, and/or cyber- crimes investigations.

6. Associate Restrictions: limited access to resources on the membership website, prohibited from voting in any election and from holding any elective office, Mobilize communication platform.



A person is not eligible for membership if he/she provides investigative or intelligence gathering services, or collection services, whose obligations to their multiple clients could compromise the confidentiality of information collected through membership in the Association.

FORM IAFCI APP (All others are void.) All applications are subject to approval by the respective Chapter or International Membership Committee and are not valid until membership is issued. Membership dues are payable on January 1 of each year and are considered delinquent after March 31.